Protect Your Home With a Storm Door

Storm Door Installations

A storm door is a great, inexpensive addition to your entry door and offers many benefits for any homeowner. At family owned and operated Clarkston Window & Door, you'll find the perfect residential storm door for your needs. We have been providing the best selection of quality storm doors since we opened for business in 1989

Good storm doors have many advantages. They normally have a low initial cost and also offer tax rebates after purchase. They can be made of aluminum, fiberglass, or wood and often have interchangeable glass and removable screens. You can expect a new storm door to last approximately 25-50 years, depending on its materials and quality.
Storm door

Enhance Your Home With a Quality Storm Door

Storm doors offer many advantages to homeowners. Read more about some of the key benefits.
  1. Protection for the entry door: Usually your entry door is more expensive than your storm door. Paints, stains, or windows on entry doors can benefit from extra protection against weather and windblown debris, and they help reduce maintenance.
  2. Increased energy efficiency: Even if your entry door is energy efficient, a storm will provide another layer of protection. It keeps summer heat and winter cold out of your home. Some storm doors require low-emissivity glass or coatings. These can increase costs by 15% but can reduce energy loss by up to 50%, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  3. Keep out insects and other bugs: There are some times where it's a certain bug's or insect's peak season, but you just want to let in the cool breeze. A storm door will allow you to do this without inviting the annoying insects and bugs inside.
  4. An additional layer of security: Discourage any intruders by installing an additional barrier.
Competitive Prices
"I chose this company not only because of the products offered, but also because of Jim Weaver and his customer service. He was respectful and knowledgeable, taking time to answer all my questions and concerns and never employing any high pressure sales tactics. There were no surprises before or during installation and the price quoted was the final price paid. Steve McKervey and his entire installation crew were wonderful to work with, completing the work as promised and always taking the client into account. 
Overall, this was one of the best improvement projects we have made and I recommend this company without reservation."

- Michelle W., Farmington, MI
Project: New Windows - Multiple
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